User Guide

①Let's Sign-up

You must be registered member to play the GACHA.(You can register from the menue bar.)
We use the BEX service for product shipment. Please register as a BEX member on the BEX homepage.
(You can jump to BEX homepage from the BEX icon at the top of this page)

②Register your Payment Method

Credit Card (Prepayment) is the paymet method for product purchases (Point Charge).
Chashless Payment(Prepayment) is available.
Various credit card companies are accepted.

③Charge Points

All Gacha purchases on GACHA LIVE 24 are made with points. The price of the product, number of gachas, and shipping costs.
You can regharge later. (Please note that recharges are permanent and cannot be cancelled.)
Please note that points will expire after 6monts. (We will notify you by email and you will be notified by email).

④Choose the Prouct you want

Click on the picture of the item you wish to purchase to see a larger image of the item.
When you click the "Buy" button, the points you will be deducted.
*Please note that atthis point, the purchase has been made and cannot be canceld.

⑤ Spin the GACHA

Click on the Picture of the item you widh to purchase to see a larger image of the item.
When you Click the "Buy" button on the points you have will be deducted.
*Please note taht atthis points, the purchase has been made and cannot be canceled.

⑥Press the "Cart" and Check the Products you won

The products you won will added to your cart automaticaly. The number of pieces of the same item will be Listed.
* The storage period is 3months. Please note that after this period, the items will be discarded.

⑦Application for shipment

Choose the Products that you want to ship, determinr the number of the items, and click the "Proceed to Next" button to proceed to the procedure.
*Capsule is not included in the delivered items. Please note that capsules are not include in the delivery.

⑧Shipping procedure

Specify "BEX Address" as the "Delivery to" address. "BEX Address" is on the BEX HP My Account page what is displayed. You can prepare your "BEX Address" on the Shipping Addresses page.
If the address and the items you want to ship are accurate, click the "Review" button to complete the shipping preparations.
*The shipping charge is calculated base on the number of items to be ship. If you do not have enough points, Please recharge your points.

⑨Shipping procedures completed

If the shipping information is correct, click the "Place an Order" Buttun.
*Please note that once the shipping procedyre is completed, you cannot cancel the order.

⑩Order Completed

All procedures are now complete. We will send you an email confirming your order.
After all, BEX will contact you regarding the final shipping address and shipping cost. Please wait.
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